Friday, March 27, 2015

New Jersey Maternity Photographer | Krissy

Meet one of my dearest friends Krissy, she's expecting her first baby in a few months and I had the honor of being there for her baby shower and then capturing some images of her super cute baby bump. After a 5 hour baby shower, in 30 degree weather we rushed to catch the last minutes of sunshine, we found a field and voila! But let's face it when you look like this 8 months pregnant you could pull off maternity pictures in a ditch and make them look good.

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  1. Great Share!

    Absolutely right! Safety of baby is the most essential thing which needs to be taken care of while conducting baby photography session. Always go with easy poses and give emphasis on the background the dressing of the baby which can make the difference.

    Excellent stuff shared here! keep sharing in future as well! I would surely look forward!